Stair Cleaning Robot

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Course project at SJTU (July - Aug. 2016): Xucheng Ma, Jingyuan Zhu, Yi Wen, Yihao Liu, Kim Sung Min
Participation in Research Program (2016 - 2017): Xucheng Ma, Jingyuan Zhu, Yi Wen, Yuhan Chen, Mark Jin
Advised by: Shen Yanfeng

Stairs have long existed in people’s daily life, and the related cleaning has also been a common problem. Though there have been several cleaning machines available aimed at daily cleaning, none of them have dealt with the stair cleaning well. This project of Stair Cleaning Robot is proposed to solve the specific problem of stair cleaning. The work of cleaning stairs can be simplified and so human efforts can be released from the tedious and repetitive labor work. The robot aims to achieve the goal by accomplishing two main functions: climbing stairs automatically and cleaning stairs skillfully. It is basically made up of four parts: the platform (for supporting), the cleaner (for cleaning), the car (for 2D movement), and the lifter (for climbing). In this report, we will introduce the robot functionally and show its performance in solving the problem of stair cleaning. In conclusion, our Stair Cleaning Robot can relieve the work of stair cleaning from human beings.


  • A smoothly-running vehicle that can move in all directions
  • A stable lifting system to manage vertical movement
  • An efficient cleaner that can deal with the special structure of stairs
  • A comprehensive controlling system


  • Climbing stairs
  • Cleaning stairs
  • Control System


On-site demo at Project Expo